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A crafting-adventure you can mod from the inside! :) · By triplejumpgames


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Graffiti added to game! Draw directly on the world! :)
Hey everyone, this update adds a creative tool I've been looking forward to for a long time: the ability to draw directly on the world! Use the command /creativ...
Creative Tools update!
Hey everyone, this update adds some great new creative tools to the game! Use the command /creative in the console to spawn a chest full of world-editing tools!...
Animation Table added to game!
Animation Table is now added to the game!!! You can craft this with the basic Crafting Table, then go up to it and press `E` to open the animation editor. Add...
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Major update! World generation! :)
A new version of the game is up! There's a LOT of new stuff!!! This adds world generation, structures that spawn in the world (and have loot spawning in their c...
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Workin on a big procgen update! :)
Another new build is coming soon! This build is going to make big improvements to the procgen system, adding a world map (complete with fog-of-war), more detail...
New build! Getting closer to Beta! :)
Hey folks, a lot has happened since the last build! :) This is the latest version of the game, including the new feature - being able to create new item types w...
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Big Update News!
Hey everybody, So for the past couple months, I've been rebuilding the game to support multiplayer, and also making big changes to gameplay and, well, everythin...