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Moddable, Twitch-integrated Colony Sim!!! · By triplejumpgames


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HELP ME TEST THE BLOCKCHAIN ITEMS UPDATE!!! :D Hey folks, I'd like to test the first version of the Ethereum items build before I post it. If you'd like to help...
0.519a - New Building Algorithm! :D
Hey folks! After a couple weeks of super busy-ness, I'm back with a new experimental build! This one adds the updated algorithm for detecting rooms: no longer d...
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0.517a - Experimental Build - New Buildings Part 1!
Hey folks! Tonight's build is about halfway through the major improvements I've been making to the building system. I've added things like: new room types! (lib...
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Awesome update to Rooms coming this weekend!
Hey folks, thought I'd mention some of the cool stuff I've been adding to the game's room system this week, and which will be in this Friday night's build! Firs...
0.517a - Experimental Build - Better Console!
Hey folks! Today is kind of a simple update, but a cool one - because the in-game console now has toggleable categories, and lists things in the correct order!...
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0.516a - Experimental Build - 3D Hairstyles!
This week's update is now live! The experimental build is updated with a variety of 3D hairstyles, improvements to several of the Twitch commands, and the first...
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0.515a - Experimental Build - Bugfixes and Springtime items!
This week's update is now live! In this update, I've made various bugfixes and incremental improvements to the game's biomes, and I've added some items in the g...
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