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A crafting-adventure you can mod from the inside! :) · By triplejumpgames


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Steam beta continues! Getting closer to demo...
Getting ever closer to the big demo of the new version of the game... This week I added turrets, nighttime waves of enemy spawns, conveyor belts, crops, autofar...
Join the Discord!
We're doing Friday night beta tests w/ the upcoming Steam build! Join the Discord at and dm me (Triplejump) to get a Steam key! Note: you do...
Multiplayer Playtests!!! :)
A lot has been happening lately! This year I started a full rebuild of the game to make the final version, that will be available both on and Steam! The...
Editor Preview is up!
The preview build is up now - version 0.7 lets you switch between gameplay and editor modes by pressing Tab. :) You can edit, save and load your own levels! Thi...
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Writing Desk added to game!
This is a quick (one week) update to add the Writing Desk to the game. :) It actually puts the Writing Desk in the starting inventory of new characters; you can...
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New aspects to inventions! Better movement!
A major update to the game's invention systems and movement is in!!! * Inventions can now be animated! Turn on animation controls in the pixel editor and you ca...
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Update - Slime Arenas! :)
Modlands Update 0.61 - Slime Arenas :) As we move into focusing on AI and combat-related updates for a while, Slime Arenas have now been added to the game! The...
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Last post
I'm having trouble running this through WINE or Proton. Will there be a Linux build?
started by dawnbreez Jul 19, 2020
5 replies
When I start the game (and I am using Run As Admin) there is only a black screen and the little hand mouse cursor, nothi...
started by zonemaster Apr 20, 2020
12 replies
Hi there :) Is it possible to dig down into the earth and explore caves? Or are there at least randomly generated caves...
started by monkey2k Apr 07, 2020
1 reply
When you build a workbench in the game, often it'll have buttons to invent various types of things! Draw whatever art yo...
started by triplejumpgames Mar 29, 2020
No replies yet
Dude are you still alive because I want buy your game
started by Rajczak Nov 14, 2019
2 replies
172 views Early Access begins! :D
started by triplejumpgames Jan 18, 2018
3 replies
Why you looking for? You looking for why modlands have shotdown or error on init? Error on init: You can run as administ...
started by andrei1690 Nov 28, 2018
1 reply
i love the demo but prity frustrating that after 1+ hour game crashes every time and then i lost everything cuz autosave...
started by IncredibleWolfy Jan 21, 2018
6 replies
So, I had this problem in the shareware version, and what happened was the mobs and people stopped moving. I could still...
started by masterminer176 Feb 02, 2018
7 replies
I wanted to get the demo (I couldn't afford the full version, because I'm broke) but it says it's called shareware, is t...
started by masterminer176 Jan 31, 2018
2 replies