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A crafting-adventure you can mod from the inside! :) · By triplejumpgames


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Editor Preview is up!
The preview build is up now - version 0.7 lets you switch between gameplay and editor modes by pressing Tab. :) You can edit, save and load your own levels! Thi...
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Writing Desk added to game!
This is a quick (one week) update to add the Writing Desk to the game. :) It actually puts the Writing Desk in the starting inventory of new characters; you can...
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New aspects to inventions! Better movement!
A major update to the game's invention systems and movement is in!!! * Inventions can now be animated! Turn on animation controls in the pixel editor and you ca...
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Update - Slime Arenas! :)
Modlands Update 0.61 - Slime Arenas :) As we move into focusing on AI and combat-related updates for a while, Slime Arenas have now been added to the game! The...
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New Invention UX! Version 0.6 is up!!!
A new major build of Modlands is out! It has a new starting area tutorial building (seen above)! And also uses the NEW item invention flow with pixel editor and...
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Graffiti added to game! Draw directly on the world! :)
Hey everyone, this update adds a creative tool I've been looking forward to for a long time: the ability to draw directly on the world! Use the command /creativ...
Creative Tools update!
Hey everyone, this update adds some great new creative tools to the game! Use the command /creative in the console to spawn a chest full of world-editing tools!...