New aspects to inventions! Better movement!

A major update to the game's invention systems and movement is in!!!

* Inventions can now be animated! Turn on animation controls in the pixel editor and you can make multiframe idles for walls and objects! :)

* Walls can be bouncy, springy, do damage on touch, and emit light, depending on what you use to craft them. :) (rubber, springs, blades, and lightbulbs / other light sources...)

* Floors can be slippery or extra-sticky, depending on what you use to craft them. :) (oil or sap)

* Can now craft objects (non-colliders) - they can be light sources, and can have interact-verbs ('e' prompt appears on them) if you craft them with one of the new Verb objects!

* New console commands to drop chests of useful items: /verbs drops a chest of "verbs", /walls drops a chest of wall stacks

Also, movement has been revamped so that the player has momentum - this makes slippery floors and bumpers/rubber walls work, because your momentum can be reflected with bouncy walls, and causes sliding on slippery floors.

On the stream recently, we created an ice rink, and a bounce house (picture above) with icy floors inside to test out the new momentum-based movement. :)

I'm looking forward to seeing the cool things that people create with the new invention qualities. I'll be adding even more in the next update - the game's systems are really coming together quickly now!

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Aug 08, 2020

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