0.517a - Experimental Build - New Buildings Part 1!

Hey folks! Tonight's build is about halfway through the major improvements I've been making to the building system. I've added things like:

  • new room types! (library, dining room, and forge)
  • rooms are now defined through files, so it's very fast to add new types of rooms based on furniture identity!
  • assign owners of rooms by right-clicking an open space inside the room and using a dropdown
  • you can also rename rooms to whatever custom names you want!
  • you can also right-click on beds to open their UI window and assign the occupant of the bed - so now you can put multiple colonists' beds in the same rooms, and not have the room owner switch when you put different people in :)
  • there are also major updates to the tooltip system, with stacked tooltips that let you see the hovered item, room, and tile - all at the same time!!!

And this is only half-way through the building system improvements! Next week, I hope to get a new room-detection system working that will allow for irregularly-shaped and extra-large rooms! With the new system, it'll also be possible to have rooms share walls and group into buildings. I also plan to make the rooms and buildings unlock new tasks for various jobs, so they'll be part of the progression systems of the game. :)

This is the building system that I've been dreaming of for the past year, and it's almost done! Make sure you're following this itch.io page to hear about the upcoming additions, and hear all about the cool building features coming next week!

Also, download the Experimental Build now and check out this week's new work on Rooms! :)


ModlandsDemoSetup_Experimental.exe 61 MB
May 05, 2018
ModlandsSetup_Experimental.exe 61 MB
May 05, 2018

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