0.516a - Experimental Build - 3D Hairstyles!

This week's update is now live! The experimental build is updated with a variety of 3D hairstyles, improvements to several of the Twitch commands, and the first super-early pass of the in-game command console! I also added frogs, and the ability for characters to hop. :)

Check out the new build and let me know what you think!


  • added 3D hairstyles (.hairstyle files associate a hairstyle name with a custom character model and texture)
  • can set hairstyle with the !hairstyle command and the hairstyle's name
  • !hairstyles will list all available hairstyles
  • !job will list all available jobs for the asking Twitch player
  • added in-game command console; toggles with tilde (~) key
  • console commands: cheats (enables cheats and turns off achievement viability), hour_add (advances time by one hour - need to enable
  • cheats first)
  • added EntityMovementStyle files for settings things like hop height, number of hops per space, etc.
  • added frogs! :)


  • hair now renders in front of face and clothes


ModlandsDemoSetup_Experimental.exe 61 MB
Apr 21, 2018
ModlandsSetup_Experimental.exe 61 MB
Apr 21, 2018

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