0.514a - Experimental Build w/ Biome Customization!

This week's update is now live! This version of the experimental build adds biome settings to the world customization - you can set the biomes to 25%, 50%, 100% (standard), 200%, or 400%. If you set a single biome to 400%, it will occupy the majority of the world - so you can have a world where almost all of the non-polar regions is a single biome, but still have a bit of variation. :) Almost all of the biomes are customizable - the only ones that aren't set up yet are beach and mountain (since they're elevation-based, they're a bit different to set up, but I'll get to them next week), and ocean, which is going to be removed from the biome list next week, since you can already set that using the global sealevel.

I have also fixed numerous bugs that the previous experimental build had, and I've added a mailing-list signup to the game's title screen! :3

Next week, I hope to finish this epic quest of front-end updates, and after that I'll be getting back to new major features, like the blueprint system, more direct character controls (and Twitch controls!), and making items wieldable. :D

Check out the new build and let me know what you think!

Note: there's a bit of a hitch now when you start a new game - this is from moving some of the asset loading around (to prevent the application's initial loading time from being long). Next week I'll be smoothing this out!


  • new biome settings for custom worlds!
  • added mailing list signup
  • moved a bunch of loading to be internal (happens when you first load a game, instead of when the application starts)


  • Fixed a lot of shader issues with items in the directory, and removed unwanted items
  • Fixed bug where the cursor didn't show up correctly for the mode
  • Correctly saving/restoring world lighting types now
  • Should be correctly applying the world name for all menu paths into the game
  • Fixed the starting stat boosts on characters
  • Fixed the broken store categories, and new colonist counter
  • Fixed the bug from last build with characters not having their proper inventory allotments
  • Fixed some UI text so it scales better


ModlandsDemoSetup_Experimental.exe 61 MB
Apr 07, 2018
ModlandsSetup_Experimental.exe 61 MB
Apr 07, 2018

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