Weekly Update

Hey everyone!

No new build this week - I'm in the middle of a bunch of updates to the procedural world generation and asset loading code. My two main goals at the moment, which look like they're going to end up taking most of next week as well, are: 1. making the rest of the custom world settings for spawn-levels and biome-spread functional, so people can make a lot more varied levels, and 2. improving loading times, so the game will start more smoothly.

While updating the procedural world generation, I decided to take out the previously hard-coded stuff for describing world types, and I'm making the world types load from files when the game starts up. This means that world types will be moddable soon!

I'm also doing some planning on the next big content update for the game, which is going to be Springtime themed!

If you have suggestions for things you'd like to see in the Springtime Update, come by the Discord server at discord.gg/modlands and let me know!

Thanks for reading! There should be another build next week, with the stuff I've been talking about, so keep watching this space!


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