0.513a - Experimental Build w/ World-Customization settings added to the front-end!

This week's update is now live! This is a new Experimental Build with the first pass of some map customization settings and major updates to the front-end!

With this build, you can get a preview of my plans for the new front-end flow - which lets you either play on a randomized world (where you get some preview of what the major map-settings are, and can roll another map before committing until you see a world you're interested in), or in a custom world, where you get to set a ton of different settings. This is just the first rough pass - so the only functional settings right now are the temperature (which affects global biomes) and sealevel (which greatly affects the sea/land balance), but there will be many more settings coming in the near future.

There's also a new front-end flow into the Editor, which adds the ability to open the Editor on a custom world (with all the same customization settings), or to start with a "blank-canvas" world, where you can specify what tile you want the world to start out filled with.

I'm also adjusting the save files so that instead of having a "mode" assigned (Survival, Creative, etc.), they will either be marked as allowing Achievements or not allowing them. This means people will be able to save their custom-built worlds and play them in Survival Mode - they just won't be able to obtain global Achievements on them. I have a bit more work to do on this, but I've made a good start!

Check out the new builds and let me know what you think! :D


  • new front-end flow!
  • custom world settings (temperature and sealevel are functional; the others are UI-only for now)
  • can open editor with a blank-canvas world w/ whatever default tile you want
  • custom world settings for starting a new editor world


  • gave the UI windows title bars and made them look better
  • did a lot of internal work for an upcoming RTS-style-controls update


ModlandsDemoSetup_Experimental.exe 58 MB
Mar 25, 2018
ModlandsSetup_Experimental.exe 58 MB
Mar 25, 2018

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