0.512a - Achievements are here! Plus improvements to Creative Mode and the UI!

This week, I updated the game with an Achievements system - there are three categories of achievements: survival, money, and world-completion. Survival just involves playing survival mode for a given number of days; seeing as how there isn't really a clear fail condition at the moment, it's pretty easy to get these. The Money achievements will take a bit longer - the highest one requires making one million Money units, which means you'll probably have to build some gem miners and factories to get there. Finally, the world-beating achievements are triggered by purchasing an item called the World Link Spire from the Store: this is a device that links your world to the Modlands main world, making everything in the store free! The only thing is, it costs one billion Money to purchase. :3

These Achievements will undergo a lot of iteration as the gameplay continues to evolve, and I'll be adding a lot more achievements in the future as well, but with this initial set you can have fun getting achievements, and now the system is all set up for the future.

The other major thing I added in this build is the ability to draw using tiles in Creative Mode. Now you can assign tiles to palette slots and draw with them - floor tiles or overgrowth tiles will draw only on top of ground, while ground tiles will let you draw new geo anywhere in the map - either replacing the existing ground, or drawing ground over top of the ocean. With this, you can very quickly draw and build whatever you want in Creative Mode!

Beyond these things, I've done lots of things to improve the UI polish and consistency, and I've added some handy hotkeys, like using the number keys to select whatever palette slot you want, or using 'R' to rotate your holographically previewed items or tiles in Creative Mode. Check out the list of features, misc items, and bugfixes below for the full story.

Thanks for reading! Check out the new build, and subscribe to the newsletter on www.modlands.com - I'll soon be announcing details of the next big content update for the game over the newsletter, so make sure you're signed up!


  • added a starting set of Achievements (saves to the profile for now)
  • got Achievements UI working in the front-end and in-game menus, and made a notification panel that slides in when you get an achievement
  • you can now select and draw with tiles in Creative Mode! Draw pathways, floors, foliage, even land!
  • press 'R' in Creative Mode to rotate the holographically previewed item or items; works for both objects and tiles!
  • added pause/play/time-skip controls to the time panel in Creative Mode
  • added manual map Save and Load to Creative Mode (behaves a bit rough for
    now but is functional; will make this behave smoothly next week)
  • you can now change the world name from the World Map screen in-game :)


  • gave the palette slots numbers; you can now select them by pressing the associated numbers!
  • made the holographic preview of items show their texture, so it's easier to see how they're oriented and tell what they are
  • updated the system button icons with new art
  • added more useful tags for sorting items: "Wall", "Floor", "Container" tags, and more! Tags are also now shown in alphabetical order. :)
  • made a lot of UI art and behavior more consistent (background fading, resizing behavior, multiple-resolution behavior, etc.)
  • made the preview image for the Intro World a blurred version of the Modlands title


  • clicking on minimap to warp was broken; now it works again!
  • hitting enter inside the world name and character name text fields will correctly set the value


ModlandsDemoSetup.exe 58 MB
Mar 17, 2018
Modlands Alpha Build 58 MB
Mar 17, 2018

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