0.511a - Creative Mode Update is here!

This week, I made a big update to Creative Mode, making it much more capable! In the new arrangement, there's a set of tools on the left edge of the screen, and an item palette on the top edge of the screen. Right-clicking a slot in the item palette brings up an item picker, that lets you select from any of the items in the game's entityTypes directory. You can also filter them by tag, allowing you to quickly bring up categories such as food, animals, furniture, undead, etc. :D With this new update, it's a lot easier to build whatever you want quickly using Creative Mode, so check it out!

I've also totally revamped the UI across the game with a new, more consistent look, and added skill bonuses to the individual colonists which will give them each unique advantages when they spawn in the game! Things are getting a lot more polished, and next week I'll be adding even more polish, more features for Creative Mode, and experiment with more iterations of the title screen (hoping to try a 3D title screen next week), so watch this space for more updates!


  • Big update to Creative Mode, with new UI layout, palette of items, and item picker that lets you select from any items in the game
  • UI rearranged to make more sense, with time/date in the upper left corner, faction stats in the upper center, and system buttons in the upper right. In Creative Mode, the faction stats panel is replaced by the palette, and the store buttons are replaced by the tool bar.
  • Starting Skill Bonuses apply for each individual colonist - check this out in the New Colonist window!


  • Tooltip behavior is now better in a wide range of cases
  • Cursor is now an arrow when hovering UI that doesn't require picking up / dragging objects
  • Did some UI "feel" polish


  • UI has a new look, and is much more consistent across the game
  • Creative Mode controls feel way better - fixed tons of edge cases and "feel" issues for the controls
  • Fixed a lot of UI scaling issues in different resolutions


ModlandsDemoSetup.exe 58 MB
Mar 10, 2018
ModlandsSetup.exe 58 MB
Mar 10, 2018


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How do I switch to the creative UI?

You choose "Creative Mode" when creating the world