0.510a - New Main Build - character progress saves/loads; lots of performance improvements!

The new mainline build is up! If you've been waiting a while to try a new build, this is a great one to download!

With this, the character xp levels will save and restore. I've also made a lot of performance improvements this week, fixing the memory leak bug that had caused crashes before. Now the game maintains its memory footprint even after 10+ hours. Frame rate is also improved, and I've made adjustments to the camera code so it will move at a frame-rate independent rate. All of this makes the game feel quite a bit better.

Most of the bug-fixes and optimizations I wanted to do are in now, so I'm about ready to transition back into adding systems and content! March is going to be a big month for new content - my goal is to do a trailer for the game in early-mid April, so throughout March I'll be filling out the tech tiers a lot more, adding lots of structures and items, and working on the Machinery Update! The Machinery Update will add trigger systems/wires to the game, along with a range of sensors and configurable detectors, and things they can activate. Watch this space for more info on the Machinery Update over the course of March! :)

Check out the new builds and let me know what you think!

P.S. There is a new Trello for Modlands here: https://trello.com/b/KvWvkkHB/modlands-community Let me know if you'd like to be added to the Trello group, and you can post suggestions and bugs!


  • character xp levels save/restore!
  • added some new Twitch commands for !use in different directions (lets Twitch players activate items - same effect as the "god" player right-clicking) - !usenorth, !usesouth, !usewest, !useeast, etc.


  • Fixed memory leak bugs - memory footprint is now stable over 10+ hours
  • Improved frame-rate with many internal adjustments
  • Light sources now have less of an impact on frame-rate
  • Camera movement speed should now be frame-rate independent


ModlandsSetup.exe 58 MB
Mar 03, 2018
ModlandsDemoSetup.exe 58 MB
Mar 03, 2018

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