0.509a - Experimental Build w/ Resource-Gathering, NEW Twitch commands!

This week's update is now live! This is a new Experimental Build with the first pass of some new features that people have been requesting for some time!

First: the colonists can now gather resources! Loggers will gather wood boards and carry them to the nearest container that has room to store them. Miners will gather rocks, ore, and gems, and carry them to containers! Crafters will carry any and all tools to nearby containers! Generally, my intention moving forward is to make jobs gather most or all of the things that they craft, as long as gathering them makes sense. If there are any specific types of objects you'd like characters to start gathering, please let me know! I can add these new gathering behaviors to jobs extremely quickly now.

The other big update this week is a set of new Twitch commands! !North, !south, !east, !west, etc. - the directional commands will make your Twitch avatar set off immediately in the given direction. You can also follow the command with a number to tell your avatar to walk a set number of steps. I've also added a set of commands of the form !dropnorth, !dropsouth, !dropwest etc. - these will drop a specified item from your inventory on the space next to you in the indicated direction. With these commands, you can directly start to build structures, by placing items in specific locations. I'm doing a lot of internal work to make the game last longer without crashing, and I'll soon be doing more tests of the "always-on" auto-camera mode on twitch.tv/modlands, so be sure to follow that channel! My goal is to soon make this into a channel that just plays Modlands all the time, where the community can join in and build the world whenever they want to.

Check out the new builds and let me know what you think! :D


  • colonists can now gather resources!
  • logger, miner, and crafter now have item gathering behaviors set
  • new Twitch commands for direct movement and item placement
  • Twitch commands for !disableai, !enableai, !toggleai


  • !job command will properly apply job requirement check
  • improved internal performance and memory usage


ModlandsDemoSetup_Experimental.exe 58 MB
Feb 24, 2018
ModlandsSetup_Experimental.exe 58 MB
Feb 24, 2018

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