0.508a - Experimental Build w/ RPG progression!

This week's update is now live!

At the moment, I'm still in the middle of working on the RPG progression systems. The progression aspects are in now - characters get experience in various skills by doing work, and this unlocks more jobs over time. However, save/restore for the character progression isn't set up yet - I'm still figuring out how I want to handle the Twitch-associated character data, which will probably be separate from the world save files so it can be portable between worlds. :D For this reason, this week's build is experimental - if you want to try it out and see how the new RPG progression works, download either ModlandsSetup_Experimental or ModlandsDemoSetup_Experimental and give it a try!

Other things that are in this week's build include:

  • Holographic path preview that appears when you mouseover a character that is pathing!
  • Revamped tooltip system that means I can now make all the tooltips visually consistent across the game, and new tooltips within the character UI to tell you about stats, skills, and jobs!
  • Resolution dropdown! Note: there are probably a lot of cases in which various resolutions can make the UI look weird - if you encounter a situation where the UI looks strange with a specific resolution, please let me know in the Discord at discord.gg/modlands! Also, let me know if you have a specific resolution you would like added to the list!

Check out the new builds and let me know what you think!


  • RPG progression implemented (except for save/restore)
  • Crafter job now does purely wood and stone tools; Carpenter and Mason jobs unlock as Woodcrafting and Stonecrafting skills level up - these jobs produce wood and stone furniture and containers, and can craft wood and stone walls!
  • Holographic Preview of path when cursor is hovering an AI that's following a path!
  • Tooltips in Character UI for Stat, Skill, and Job descriptions!


  • Fixed the bug that could freeze pathfinding for everyone :)
  • Fixed many other cases in which the pathfinding gave weird results, by switching most AI behaviors to use opportunistic flood-search pathfinding.


ModlandsSetup_Experimental.exe 58 MB
Feb 18, 2018
ModlandsDemoSetup_Experimental.exe 58 MB
Feb 18, 2018

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