0.507a - Moddable Jobs! New Character UI!

This week's update is now live! Most of this week's work has been internal stuff, to improve performance and lay the foundations for upcoming additions to the AI. The biggest change is that now jobs are done through the game's mod files - this means that modders can add new jobs, tasks, and types of "work". For details on how to mod jobs, hit me up on the Discord community at discord.gg/modlands!

Now that this foundational stuff is out of the way, I can add new jobs to the game much faster - so next week, I expect to add a couple more jobs to the game!

I've also started on some additions to the Character UI screen, which now has sections for character stats, skills, jobs, and tasks within the job. Next week I'll be making individual tasks and groups of tasks toggleable, and adding a lot of polish (tooltips, etc.) to this UI. Next week I'll also be adding progression systems for unlocking jobs and tasks based on a character's experience and skills - so you'll be able to use this screen to track a character's progress and see what they're close to unlocking. What's in now is just the first super-rough pass, but it'll be a lot more realized in next week's build, so keep watching this space! :)

Finally, I've been making a lot of internal improvements to performance, so you may find that the game runs a bit better. Check out the new builds and let me know what you think!


  • Jobs are now handled entirely through data files!
  • Additions to the Character UI screen - added sections for stats, skills, jobs, and tasks


  • Crafters can now craft stone furniture, tools, and containers out of rocks
  • Crafters can also craft wood tools from boards


  • Made lots of internal improvements that may improve performance and memory


ModlandsSetup.exe 58 MB
Feb 10, 2018
ModlandsDemoSetup.exe 58 MB
Feb 10, 2018

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