0.506a - Containers and inventory! Godstack improvements!

This week's update is now live! This adds containers to the game! Gather up all your random items and store them! This is the first step towards a major goal of the next few weeks - getting the colonists to gather their products in designated containers.

I've also made some major requested quality-of-life improvements to quickgrab and to dropping items from godstacks (stacks of terrain, walls, or other such normally unstackable stuff) - by holding down the button and dragging the mouse you can quickgrab items of similar type, or drop items progressively from a stack without a lot of extra clicking. :)

Also, the shareware version is now called the Demo version - that should make it more clear to people who didn't grow up in the 90s. :D


  • A range of containers with different sizes are now in the game, and can be crafted by crafters and blacksmiths!
  • All inventories now save/restore correctly! This includes character inventories and containers!
  • Quality-of-life improvement for "godstacks" (stacks of walls, terrain, etc.) - now you can hold LMB and drag to draw a line in the world with items from a stack.
  • You can also hold 'E' to Quickgrab and move the mouse around - as long as you keep holding the button, you'll only grab the same type of entity - this is good for getting everything of a kind in an area without accidentally picking other stuff up! Works for terrain as well!


  • Slimes glow now, so they'll stand out more at night :)
  • Nice drag and drop UI for containers of variable sizes
  • When dropped into sales portal, containers will give you money for everything sellable inside (unsellable objects should deflect away when the container is sold)


  • Made some internal improvements that may improve frame rate and memory


ModlandsDemoSetup.exe 58 MB
Feb 03, 2018
ModlandsSetup.exe 58 MB
Feb 03, 2018

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