0.505a - Streamlined controls! New character-info panel!

This week's biggest update is live now! The biggest changes are the info panel, formerly toggleable with 'E', being made into a tooltip that appears next to the cursor as you hover objects, and a new character details menu (toggleable on right-mouse click) that lets you drag and drop items between the player inventory and character inventory. Since this frees up the 'E' key, I've moved Quickgrab from 'F' to the more natural 'E'. :)

This new arrangement feels way more intuitive - it provides the basic info on items much more quickly, and allows for a lot more detailed interaction when the player decides to actually dive into something - I'll be continuing this pattern of using RMB to open the detailed info panel on all future items that have a detailed UI.


  • replaced the 'E' info panel with a tooltip that appears over the hovered item
  • got first draft of the character details UI working, w/ usable inventory slots - can trade between character inventory and player inventory
  • now right-click opens the character panel, and 'E' is Quickgrab
  • added first rough pass of auto-camera system (still needs work!)


  • game no longer spams out-of-channel Twitch chat users
  • when inviting players back, the invitation sent will include a nice link to your Twitch channel :)
  • added some new Twitch commands - !rotate <coords> lets a player rotate an item or floor, !sell <inventory item> lets a player directly sell items from their inventory


  • items no longer drop from cursor when cursor entering menu or exiting screen

Known Issues:

  • inventories don't save/restore yet, so don't leave any valuable items on a character for now
  • can't look at home quality details at the moment - will get it working on the tooltip soon!


ModlandsSharewareSetup.exe 58 MB
Jan 28, 2018
ModlandsSetup.exe 58 MB
Jan 28, 2018

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