Creative Tools update!

Hey everyone, this update adds some great new creative tools to the game!

Use the command /creative in the console to spawn a chest full of world-editing tools! They can be used to draw using entities and tiles, so you can build any structures that you want very quickly and easily. I've been having a lot of fun just drawing new structures for the game with these tools - not only can you draw and erase, but there are line, rectangle and circle tools, that can be toggled between filled and unfilled with the 'f' key.

Also: there are Prefab Load and Prefab Save tools - you can use these to grab parts of the map and save to .prefab files in your Mods directory! The Prefab Load tool lets you place copies of any of the prefabs you have in your mods dir. I'm going to be using these tools to build all the structures that will naturally spawn in the game!!!

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